Thursday, November 30, 2017

City seeking Arts Advocacy Awards nominees

The city  presents an Arts Advocacy Award annually to an individual or group who has significantly contributed to the cultural and artistic enrichment and/or has shown extraordinary support and initiative for the arts in Middletown.

The Middletown Commission on the Arts is seeking public input on nominations for the award. The nominee(s) need not live in Middletown but should be an individual or group that has made an outstanding impact on the arts in the city.

Suggestions, which should include the sender's town and information about the nominee, can be emailed to Arts Coordinator Stephan Allison at by Dec. 15.
The MCA will be presenting its award honoring this year's recipient in a local ceremony coinciding with National Arts Advocacy Day March 20 to 21 in Washington, D.C.


Stephen Smith said...

I would like to nominate officers Terribile and Tiano. By intervening in Mr. Chandler's ill-conceived "art" project, they have "significantly contributed to the cultural and artistic enrichment" of Middletown (or at least prevented its debasement). Before Anonymous accuses me of being a philistine, I will concede that there are times when one man's penis is another man's art.

Stephan Allison, City Arts Coordinator said...

The actual dates for Arts Advocacy Day(s) in 2018 are March 12 and 13. The Commission welcomes your suggestions.

BrianK said...