Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mayor Drew Announces Run For Governor

In a fund raising appeal, Mayor Dan Drew has announced his intention to run for Governor.

Below is the text of his announcement.
I want you to be the first to know, Stephen: Today, I’m filing paperwork to start the process of exploring a run for Governor.

Here’s why:
For too long, government has been focused on helping the people at the very top, while those in the middle are left behind. Connecticut can and must embrace the big ideas and bold changes we need to improve the lives of the people of our state: a dignified retirement for every senior, a great education for every child, and good-paying jobs for every worker.

I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished in Middletown. Together, we slashed unemployment in half, renewed our commitment to green energy, and lowered property taxes while improving public services. I’m confident that the approach we’ve taken in Middletown will serve the people of Connecticut well in every corner of our state.

This election is also an opportunity to fight for our progressive values in the age of Donald Trump. We must fight for a fair economy, create good jobs, and make clear that our government must work for everyone, not just the insiders and wealthy special interests.

With your support, we can make it happen. We'll have a lot do in the coming weeks, but the first thing you can do is help us get off to a fast start – will you be one of the first 50 donors to this effort?



John Milardo said...

I love how Dan Drew takes credit for Middletown's successes, but not its failures. He dismisses the Common Council and slights Directors in the city who perform their work regardless of who is the Mayor. Businesses and jobs being brought into town are part and parcel of the P&Z Directors job and nothing new, but this Mayor would have you believe it never happened before he came to town.
How about Dan giving Chamber of Commerce President Larry McHugh some recognition for the
FedEx company coming to Middletown. Dan would have you believe he did everything himself.
If he decides to run for Governor, I say he should resign as he will not be able to devout full-time as Mayor of Middletown, which is a requirement of our Charter.

Anonymous said...

Dan Drew seems like a very nice guy but I think he is biting off more than he can chew. Connecticut is ready for change and Mayor Drew is not the change agent we need to reign in out of control state spending and pension issues. One would think to be the Governor you would require a more outgoing and charismatic personality than Mr. Drew has. Is it me or does Mayor Drew seem quite and reserved in public gatherings? The Mayor is in year 2 of a 4 year term, should he not give his all to Middletown or give up the position if he wants to run for Governor.

Anonymous said...

If FedEx didn't come to Middleton, who would get blamed?

Anonymous said...

I really wish he would stop claiming to have "lowered" taxes. I've lived here for 12 years and my tax bill goes up every year regardless of the BS property revaluation. Can't he just be honest about these things? Also, yeah, taking credit for Middletown's success is also a stretch. Much of the revitalization happened when Thornton was at the helm. I don't know who was before her because I didn't live here, but I do remember what Main St. was like in the 90s.
Truth told, I don't think he will beat Erin Stewart - though I am no fan of hers. For some strange reason people seem to really like her in spite of the 11% across the board property tax increase she inflicted on the residents of New Britain. Either way, it will be nice to see some young fresh blood looking to lead. I'm pretty sick of the old guard.

John Milardo said...

Don't worry. If the FedEx project didn't come to Middletown, I'm sure Dan would have blamed the Common Council, P&Z Department, or the high taxes in the State of Ct.

Anonymous said...

John Milardo,

Are you Dan's ex-wife or something?