Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Len Suzio To Appear At Russell Library Wednesday

NOTE ADDED: A report on the meeting is HERE.
State Senator Len Suzio, a Republican who represents half of our city, will hold a town hall style meeting tomorrow.
  • WHO: State Senator Len Suzio
  • WHEN: Wednesday, January 25th, 6:00 to 7:30 PM
  • WHERE: Russell Library, 123 Broad St.
  • WHAT: An opportunity to discuss the upcoming State Legislative Session and other concerns with the senator for the 13th District.
Suzio may be asked about his opposition to reproductive rights. He is the sponsor of SB324, which states:
That the general statutes be amended to require parental notification prior to a minor obtaining an abortion unless the minor gives notice that she fears for her safety, in which case the matter shall be referred to the courts.
The intent of SB324 is to restrict access to abortion, and its effect will be most heavily felt by vulnerable young women. Connecticut already requires a minor to receive counseling, before getting an abortion, that includes discussion of the possibility of consulting her parents.

There are few abortions by minors in Connecticut, and in most of them a parent accompanies the minor during the procedure. Suzio's proposed law would thus impact those young people who have been abused by a parent or a guardian, forcing them to come before a judge.


cybermom said...

voting Len out of office would be a great idea to solve the problem of an attack on reproductive rights. Vote them all out of office.

Susanne Fusso said...

Funny he didn't talk much about this issue during his campaign, did he?