Thursday, February 25, 2016

911 system update

From Mayor Drew.
I’m writing with an update on the status of our 911 system.

We have determined that the problem was caused by the failure of a state-maintained router, the purpose of which is to connect our system to the wider 911 fiber-optic infrastructure.

A new router is currently being re-programmed in Hartford by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety’s Division of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications. It will be delivered here this afternoon and installed in our dispatch center by state and utility officials.

Our dispatch staff is working closely with state officials and AT&T staff and we expect to have our system operational later today.

In the meantime, all Middletown and Portland 911 calls are being answered by Middletown dispatchers working out of Cromwell’s dispatch center.

Additional information is available at the City of Middletown’s homepage at

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

-Mayor Daniel Drew

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Anonymous said...

If this was a state equipment failure, why was Middletown the only community affected? Middletown doesn't have redundancy built into their public safety system like most other communities is the more likely reason they had to be switched to Cromwell. Maybe if city workers spent more time doing their jobs (assuming they are qualified which is not always the case) as they do complaining about the job study this wouldn't have happened.