Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Heroes In Deed: The Friends of the Russell Library

In this heroic summer, when all across the nation people are reading stories about heroes, The Friends of the Russell Library remain the unsung heroes of Middletown. 

They leap tall buildings …buildings made of several bound volumes….books.  Every book donated is a brick in a giant skyscraper. Each and every ‘single bound’ volume represents a series of tasks for each and every volunteer. They organize them to sell at various places online and in book sales. The ones that do not sell can still be used for the ‘Read While You Ride’ program. 

More powerful than a locomotive …the ‘Read While You Ride’ program gives books to people using Middletown Area Transit. People who ride buses often have the time to read, but not often a book in hand. The Friends of Russell Library provide books for free to riders. There are children’s books, adult fiction, and non-fiction: a plethora of plausible pleasure for the picky non-pedestrian.

Faster than a speeding bullet … the Friends of the Russell Library help fund programs and services that benefit the community of Middletown. Some of the programs they have funded include concerts, speakers, films, the Reader’s Theatre, and the Veterans Writing Group. 
Friends, left to right and back to front: Mal Bochner, Wendy Berlind, Joanne Schilke, Victoria Vinci, Laura Driscoll Taft, Lisa Santangelo, Carol Van Lieu and Shameem Zamam. Missing from photo are Michael Blinn, Leslie Beaudry, Evelyn Godwin, Joyce Good and Rose Marie Vecchitto.

For these heroes are Middletown’s best Friends! And THAT is WHY they were honored at a volunteer recognition ceremony June 16 for their dedication to the community. Thank you Friends! 

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