Friday, June 13, 2014

West Coast meets East Coast in Middletown's "Living Room"

It was both and much more than a family affair and an international delight on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center this week.  Room was made in the schedule to allow for two touring bands from California to display their musical genius to our community, which holds live concerts every weekend. This weekend's events are listed below.

The Parlor Sessions created an atmosphere of a living room on stage, extending that warm, inviting feeling TBT's intimate space usually conveys, hence one of it's nicknames. "Middletown's Living Room". Fortunate patrons gathered with the family and friends of Amy and Pete Zipf on Tuesday night for a concert with Zipf's brother and his band, The Parlor Sessions.
Five children attentively participated with nearly 30 adults, which for a Tuesday night, was terrific turnout. The four gentlemen sang their original songs in soothing harmony and got the audience involved when they closed with a dynamite version of Bob Dylan's song, "Handle With Care". 


Wednesday night's group, the Jessica Fichot Quartet, featured four musicians from around the world - two from France, Ecuador and California. Jessica, a lovely soprano, sang not only in French, but also in Spanish and English. They performed originals and a fun cover of a Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" and Fichot did a wonderful job of translating and describing the songs she sang, sometimes accompanied on her toy piano. The generous audience was quite pleased to hear wonderful musicians in the special space at The Buttonwood Tree. 
Folks passing by often come in after hearing the music on the outdoor speakers. Due to the casual nature of TBT, folks are invited to "Come in for a listen" and all are welcome regardless of ability to pay. Refreshments are available and a free book is allotted every patron making the suggested donation.

Tonight the wildly popular singer-songwriter, Don White, will be performing at 8 pm. Somewhat of a comedian onstage, he brings out the lighter side and gives a fully entertaining show. Seats are still available and reservations may be made online or by calling 860-347-4957.  

Saturday is CT Open House Day around the state. TBT will host the fun Rockabilly band, The Whiskey Rebels from 2-4 in a free outdoor concert and will be giving away all sorts of books. The evening concert will again have an international flavor, when Omar Tamez and Angelica Sanchez perform in a jazz duo for the 8 pm show. The Buttonwood Tree is located at 605 Main St. Middletown.

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