Sunday, December 15, 2013

State Rep Joe Serra Welcomes State Funds For City Arts

From State Legislature Democratic office
State Representative Joe Serra welcomed the approval of state funds for seven local arts groups in Middletown.

“We have some of the finest art programs here in Middletown and I am thrilled that these grants will assist in our mission of keeping the arts alive,” said Serra. “I am pleased that Department of Economic & Community Development’s CT Office of the Arts, has recognized such worthy groups with nearly $40,000 of support.”

Serra applauded the organizations who received funds, which are: The City of Middletown Arts & Culture; Northern Middlesex YMCA Ingersoll Center for Children; Greater Middletown Concert Association; The Buttonwood Tree; Oddfellows Playhouse; Wesleyan Potters Inc; and the Wesleyan University Center for the Arts.
The grants for Middletown arts were announced on November 25th from the Arts Catalyze Placemaking grant program in the categories of Arts Leadership and Supporting Arts in Place.  These programs are funded in part by state appropriations the National Endowment for the Arts. 
A total of 93 grants were awarded statewide, totaling $831,989.31. The grants ranged from $1,500-$25,000.

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Anne-Marie Cannata (The Buttonwood Tree) said...

I am grateful for the support of the State and all those on-board in fortifying the Arts community! Fortunately they recognize that the Arts are CRUCIAL to people becoming whole and happy - both of which leads people to create their best lives, which this leads to economic development and less dependency on State aid. Supporting the Arts is smart, and I'm so glad our State and City leaders get it.