Friday, December 6, 2013

Greenbelt Management Announces Application for Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility In City

City-based cultivators aim to serve patients, create jobs in Connecticut’s new medical marijuana market

Greenbelt Management today announced that the company has submitted its application to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to become a licensed producer of medical marijuana.

“We are proud of our application to the Department and of the team of professionals we have assembled to meet the needs of Connecticut’s patients,” said Jason Nickerson, President of Greenbelt Management. “If we are fortunate enough to be selected, we have the experience, the resources and the track record necessary to successfully begin production and meet all of the Department’s deadlines.”

Greenbelt Management was founded in 2012 by brothers Jason and Matthew Nickerson, both originally natives of New Hartford, Connecticut. Greenbelt was established to develop a highly efficient and appropriately-scaled medical marijuana production facility, one that would not only be capable of serving patients of Connecticut’s palliative marijuana program with the highest quality medicine, but would also be a stable and longstanding local business for years to come.

Greenbelt’s application reflects a number of important attributes making the company uniquely well-positioned to serve the medical marijuana market in Connecticut:
  • Zoning approvals already secured: In August, Greenbelt received zoning approval from the Middletown Common Council to site its operations in a 15,000 sq. ft. space in the city-owned Remington Rand building.
  • Self-financed: Greenbelt is entirely self-funded by its principals, and does not rely on any outside investors.
  • Long and successful record of business development and management: Greenbelt President Jason Nickerson currently serves the Director of Development for Torrington-based C.H. Nickerson and Company, Inc., a general and environmental contracting firm established in 1939.
  • Greenbelt team includes industry-leading experts: Greenbelt partner Denver Relief Consulting is the consulting arm of the second oldest and one of the largest production and dispensary operations in Colorado and offers unrivaled industry-specific expertise in cultivation, management, security and other critical pieces of the medical marijuana industry.
“Success in the construction field often boils down to meeting specifications and hitting deadlines,” said Nickerson. “I am proud of my background with a Connecticut general contracting firm that has decades of solid performance in both of these respects. This experience is also reflected in Greenbelt’s ability to work closely with the Department to ensure a smooth launch and stable cultivation operation. Connecticut’s medical marijuana market is only going to be launched once, and we know we can get it right.”

“Denver Relief is proud to have the opportunity to partner with Greenbelt Management,” said Kayvan Khalatbari, principal at Denver Relief Consulting. “We have participated in the launch of medical marijuana markets in Vermont, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., and know that in Connecticut, Greenbelt offers the right combination of real world experience, financial acumen and sound planning to make it work.”

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