Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Feast of Three Stephens


This is how I celebrated the Feast of Three Stephens (Stevens), at my polling place, the Senior Center on College Street.  BTW, if you haven't had your flu shot, and you're voting there, the city is providing free flu shots on the second floor.  See Sal.


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BobbyZim said...

I'm going with Biales, Kagan, Daniels, and Kaskel for Board of Ed; Devoto, Smith, and Clark for P&Z; Micciula and Greaves for BOAA; Phipps for Treasurer; and Daley, Faulkner, Streeto, Bartolotta, Bibisi, Pessina, Kleckowski, and Bauer for Common Council. I'm opting not to vote for Mayor due to dissatisfaction with both candidates.

Get out and vote, people! It's your city!