Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Official Election Results

The city's official, raw, election results are available HERE.

7,303 of our city's 22,053 registered voters cast a ballot, a turnout of 33.1%.

Below are the sorted vote totals, with the candidates who won a seat highlighted  in BOLD. Note that when higher vote getters are not seated, it is because of rules that prevent one party (the Democrats) from holding more than a certain number of seats on the Board or Commission.

Dan Drew (D)  5102
John Kilian (RB) 955

Common Council
Thomas Serra (D)   3991
Mary Bartolotta (D) 3818
Hope Kasper (D)  3600
Robert Santangelo (D) 3488
Grady Faulkner (D) 3358
Carl Chisem (D) 3313
Gerry Daley (D) 3311
James Streeto (D) 3270
Sebastian Giuliano (R) 2821
Sandra Russo-Driska (R) 2603
Deborah Kleckowski (R) 2585
David Bauer (R) 2489
Linda Salafia (R) 2347
Nick Fazzino (R) 2313
Ryan Kennedy (R) 2313
Angel Fernandez (R) 1955
Philip Pessina (WF) 1534
Joseph Bibisi (Pet.) 1324
Fred Carroll (RB) 345

Quentin Phipps (D)  3627
Molly Salafia (R)  2714

Board of Education
Vincent Loffredo (D)  3869
Franca Biales (D)  3567
Steven Kovach (D) 3535
Richard Kagan (D) 3398
Sheila Daniels (R) 3275
Linda Szynkowicz (R) 2560
Bill Wilson (R) 2385
Brian Kaskel (R)  2272

Board of Assessment Appeals
Salvatore Micciulla (D) 3625
Aristia Partiss (D) 3359
Jon Pulino (R) 2632
David Greaves (R) 2487

Planning & Zoning Commission
Stephen Devoto (D) 4083
Daniel Russo (D) 3589
Robert Blanchard (D) 3405
Jeremy Clark (R) 2303
Robert Simpson (R) 2226
Vinny Szynkowicz (R) 2089
Stephen Smith (RB) 717

Planning Commission Alternate
Jeremy Clark (R) 3399

Question 1: $1,150,000 bond to buy streetlights and poles from the utility
YES  4261
NO  1765

Question 2: $15,200,000 street repair bond.
YES  4301
NO  1722


Anonymous said...

Glad to see GOP's muted voices on Council gone - watch as the veil on City Hall is finally lifted loud and clear. GOP may not have gained any seats but the voters filled those seats with some familiar, outspoken faces. Good move in direction of greater accountability and transparency.

Ed McKeon said...

Just saying. Devoto, who had to primary to get on the ticket, got the most votes of any candidate, save the mayor.

We've also seen another demonstration that it's tough to run outside of party boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Yes you both are right. GOP and Steve Devoto did a great job.
Steve I hope you stand up for all and not just the democrats. And from what I can see the GOP is just going to get better.

Anonymous said...

John Killian got 16 percent of the votes cast for mayor - likely due to lack of a republican candidate, but remarkable I think.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie Loffredo got more votes than Sheila Daniels. He should either be elected as BOE chair or vice chair.

Carlos Tango said...

What would impress me more than having my tally rounded up to four digits would be for Ed to spell my last name correctly.

It's not like it isn't a matter of public record, for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

Devoto did very well - better than he likely would have done running as 3rd party. Phil and Joe did GOP a favor by not forcing a primary - otherwise, GOP may have been stuck with them. Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

GOP's muted voices? That's kind of insulting. The two GOP women had great ideas but we bashed repeatedly for sharing them by the minority chair who should have helped make sure all were heard fairly- both parties. I hope you are not referring to them.