Friday, November 22, 2013

City Little League Softball Team Goes Undefeated

From Dave Pawlak, Manager MLLMajors Fall Softball 2013.
Middletown Softball Majors (10-12 year olds) completed the perfect season on November 2, 2013. Our record was 20-0. The girls competed in the Wallingford Fall Ball League which consisted of 11 teams from 4 districts. The players worked hard at practices and came together strongly at game times. Every game showcased plenty of timely hits, defensive plays and solid pitching. Sportsmanship, camaraderie and a pure love of the game was also exhibited during this perfect season.

These young ladies took great pride in representing MLL and our City. The assistant coaches, Paul Shettleworth and Linda Culup, parents, grandparents and I are very proud of this team and what they have accomplished. A season I will never forget. A tremendous thank you goes out to all who helped the team this fall.


Jean Newman said...

Way to go girls...Middletown Little League Softball you've coached amazing girls!

Janice Pawlak said...

Congratulations Dave and Caroline!! I am so proud of you both. This team was a joy to watch! This is a great program. Who are we?! MIDDLETOWN!! ONE, TWO, THREE!! MIDDLETOWN!!