Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Night Downtown

If you happen to live on a street that is plowed, and you were out of groceries, and you headed to Stop & Shop on East Main and found that they were completely out of milk (as of this evening), then you might like to hear that the following businesses are/were open on Main Street tonight:

Metro Movies • Mondo • Tavern at the Armory • Osaka • Dunkin Donuts • Subway • Tandoor • First & Last • Amici's • Tschudin • Anoho • Empire Pizza • Forbidden City • La Boca • FroyoWorld • Pattie Palace • Luce • Iguanas Ranas Taqueria • Hair of the Dog • Feng's • Little Tibet (wish them Happy Tibetan New Year - it's today).

But the all- time "New England Tough" prize goes to Klekolo World Coffee, which has been open EVERY DAY since the storm, undoubtedly keeping the public works and emergency crews well-caffeinated and in good cheer during their travails.  It's also been a nice perk for those who live in the neighborhood and can get there on foot.

You've probably heard that Main Street is clear - and it's partly true.  Between Court and Grand, the road is clear and there's on-street parking  But heading south, the center is blocked with snow and it's a much tighter fit for the ambulances that come through regularly on their way to the hospital - so don't try parking South of Court Street.

In other news, I'm totally impressed with The Patch during this storm.  Nice work, Cassandra Day!  It's been great to hear about people in some neighborhoods who have worked together to clear their own streets and check on their neighbors.

Since we all seem to be offering advice to Mayor Drew, I think it would be good to just let everyone know that our own Public Works Department is stretched to the limit with the storm and anything citizens can do to help with the clean-up is greatly appreciated.


Elizabeth Bobrick said...

Thank you, Jen! My neighbors and I have been wondering what was going on downtown. We're in the Red area of Wesleyan Hills and have not been plowed, so none of us have seen the outside world since Friday. Glad to know that Main St. is up and running.

downtown merchant said...

I would not say that Main St. is up and running. Customers have no place to park in the City lots, and won't until the side streets are cleared and the on-street parkers can move out of the lots. And that cannot happen until all the residential streets are passable. What a mess.
Small retail businesses are suffering loss of revenue. I don't know how we'll make it up.

Wendy Sheil said...

Puerto Vallarta is open, too.