Friday, February 8, 2013

Middletown loves full service gas stations?

I understand that this is the day before the storm but this gas station on South Main street lines up at least once a week.  I wonder why some people choose this option to wait for service when they could just drive down the street and complete the task themselves.

I asked the opinions from a few folks.  One mother doesn't want to leave her vehicle to go inside and leave her child unattended if she only has cash.  She also doesn't want to touch the gas pump.  I understand that.  That pump is handled by thousands of people and sometimes reeks of gas.

Another reason I believe is the gratification of getting service.  Oh and the cold.  It's worth the tradeoff  to stay in your warm vehicle and tip $2.

What are some other good reasons to choose the full service station over the self serve?


Anonymous said...

I am a regular customer at this gas station. My main reason for filling up at this station is because it provides work/jobs for several people. The attendants at this station are always polite and friendly. I have also found that at times the price for gas at this station is lower than the self-service gas stations around that area.

Anonymous said...

It is so annoying to try to read an article with so many grammatical errors. I couldn't even get past the first few sentences. What is wrong with people these days? Aren't you embarrassed to post this in a public forum?

Anonymous said...

i only get gas at the full serve Irving on South Main (used to be Shell)... the price is always the same as self serve... why would anyone go to self serve when the price is the same at full? pride? not wanting to be seen as lazy or entitled? I have no shame in this. it is a selfish little pleasure that i get full enjoyment out of every time. only reason i can think of not to go to full serve is if you not in mood to make inane chit chat with the attendant.

Jen Alexander said...

Dear Eagle-Eye Readers,

Use Spell Check? That's so 1.0.

Here at the Eye, we crowdsource our editing. If you see something wrong, just write in and we'll fix it.

And please consider being nice about it! Think of it as your way to contribute to the anarchist collective.

-Jen Alexander

P.S. Did you know that "compleat" has a long and noble history as an alternative, archaic spelling of "complete"?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Hey Eye, but YOU put "contrubuters" so obviously you don't use spellcheck either! Just another example of people posting in a public forum who cannot spell or use proper grammar.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen how about you hire me as a spell-checker? I won't charge you much, and still believe the Middletowneye should be ashamed to post articles with such OBVIOUS spelling/grammatical errors.

Darrell Lucas said...

I tak ful resonsibility of my horible speling. I wrot this quikly last night. Perhaps I shood have treeted it lik a term paper. I will ammend right away.

Please don't let a few errors distract you from the message. I admit I really am not that great at writing and for that I apologize. Please correct me kindly in a comment. To get really upset is your problem. It's not that big of a deal.

Btw the spell checking on the blog software isn't that great also. I will revise.

Darrell Lucas

Ryan Kennedy said...

There is a decent sized population of people in Middletown who do not know or do not want to know how to pump there own gas. Tends to be an older crowd.

Anonymous said...

how funny islandgirl is offering to edit for not much of a charge. we all work for less than not much - we work for nothing, we are volunteers. Do you think the Eye or its contributors makes money? We do not. this is a blog. each individual contributor is their own boss. nobody is in charge. get over it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The articles are interesting and that's why I subscribe. Haven't you realized that offer for editing for little pay was a joke? You seem to be very sensitive and defensive. Personally, I still stand by the fact that so many mistakes in grammar can be distracting to the point of not bothering to read, and that is my right. You have the right to publish whatever you want, but to try to use an excuse like you are not paid is quite lame.

Anonymous said...

Can we cancel island girls subscription?

Darrell Lucas said...

Congratulations IslandGirl! You comment about being embarrassed for the eye on my post, but because you stay anonymous it's you who is embarrassed to reveal your true identity because... well... you're being a bitch.

We are sensitive? I dont think its a big deal but I do welcome any comments for errors that I have made. You, Islandgirl, are sensitive. In your world everything should be perfect and no mistakes found?!? Professional newspapers, prestigious institutions, and respected experts all make mistakes. I am not of this caliber but I would implore you to give me some margin of error.

The real issue is your response. You were/are rude. I would rather have you help me than belittle me. I would also like you to lower you standards of perfection when it comes to a hastily written blog post.

If you see an error please kindly post a correction.

Darrell Lucas

Ridge Road Resident said...

Love this gas station. The attendants are friendly and polite, prices are often the same as self-service elsewhere, and my dog enjoys the biscuits. Why go anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Island girl is a troll. Not a bi&#*. Ignore her.

Elizabeth Bobrick said...

Hey, Islandgirl and like-minded writers, listen up: I'm a long-time editor and teacher, and I don't see the grave errors you are getting hysterical about. You couldn't understand the post? Really? There are some missing commas, one awkward sentence, and a spelling error, "wreaks" instead of "reeks." Oh, the humanity! I edit professional, published writers who make similar mistakes.

Islandgirl, the correct spelling for your pseudonym is "Island Girl." The use of a pseudonym to scold Mr. Lucas is pusillanimous. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Island Girl should be thanked for setting a high level of expectations and not tolerating poor spelling/grammer.

Darrell Lucas said...

Elizabeth Bobrick that because I made my corrections after they were pointed out.

I appreciate being corrected an welcome it.

However, someone doesn't need to be a snot about it.

I thank Island Girl. I dont thank her attitude.

Daryll Mandreza said...

I am also an avid costumer of this gas station. The Workers are diligent and friendly.