Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giuliano Defeats Drew and Council Totals

Giuliano 4379
Drew 3896
Johnson 134

All incumbent Democratic Council Members retain their seats, and Deb Kleckowski is the new Republican Council Member defeating independent incumbent Earle Roberts.


Stefurak 2805
Pessina 3958*
Scarroza 3352
Kleckowski 3500*
Marino 3414
Gaunichaux 3000
Bauer 3463*
Bibisi 3942*


Streeto 3760
Santangelo 3887
Loffredo 4194
Kasper 3768
Serra 4376
Faulkner 3655
Klattenberg 4009
Daley 3962

Earle Roberts 841


Anonymous said...

Great coverage Ed. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Any word on Board of Ed results?

Bradley Spahn said...

Can anyone point me to precinct level returns?

Madam Nirvana said...

Currently there is a recount- some numbers are jiving with official counts- lets hold tight folks

Izzi Greenberg said...

recount on what office?

John Kilian said...

The Realistic Balance party is now officially in existence. Rae Johnson got the 1% needed to guarantee access to the ballot in 2011.

Madam Nirvana said...
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Madam Nirvana said...

Between 2 of the Republican runners there it is close for who of the 2 gets the last Republican seat. This was the message from tabulators at the Republican head quarters at around 9:15 ish - which they had gotten this info from the Town Clerks' office.
Ed (ditto on the thanks for the coverage btw) I believe is down at City Hall probably knows by now if this was cleared up-

Anonymous said...

Well, two more years of nothing getting done.Hopefully, the citizens of Middletown will see thru the little games the Democratic council will try to play. I pity the Mayor.
The bright side is that Roberts is out of the Council. Now he can devote ALL his time to ruining the South Fire District.

Deborah Kleckowski said...

Congratulations to the entire Giuliano team! It was a pleasure to be a part of a team of stellar people with the city's best interest at heart!

Congratulations to Mayor Giuliano! I look forward to being part of your team and moving the city forward to meet the challenges which lay ahead!

To my new colleagues on the other side of the aisle, congratulations. I look forward to setting aside the verbiage of of a vigorous campaign and working together to build a better Middletown!

Dan Drew, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family. You worked hard. My best to you.

And, to all those who helped me secure a seat on the council---THANK YOU! I will work hard for the residents of Middletown. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I am honored. I ask people to come forward to share their concerns and their ideas, for it is only if we work together can we make Middletown, an already wonderful place to live, a better place to live!

Finally, to my dad you drove up from Canton-thank you for all your support and sharing last night with me and Tom. And, to my husband,Tom, thank you for all your support. I could not be active in public service without your full support! If course,my sons deserve a bit of praise too-thank you Tommy and Danny for being such good boys and troopers on the campaign trail!

Deborah Kleckowski

Ed,Great job!

Anonymous said...

The ballot did Earle Roberts a great disservice by listing him in Outer Space where no one could see his name...