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How would you describe Dr. King’s legacy and his impact on history?

How would you describe Dr. King’s legacy and his impact on history?

By Ms. Faith M. Jackson, President of the Middlesex County of the NAACP-Unit 2018-B

“One of my favorite quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Dr. King, believed if there was “No Justice, there would be No Peace.” We see that in our everyday living. 

As long as America continues to practice, treat, view, and consider the enslaved descents of the African American race of these United States, less than, no true lasting justice will come to a race of people that have been, has been, is, and continues to be mistreated by its abuser can ever be made whole. As long as America fails to identify with its pass, it will not be able to heal with the great urgency, compassion, equality, fairness, and justice for all. As long as America is of the mindset of a privilege and superior attitude, there will be “No Justice, No Peace.” There will always be the troubling of the waters, until America can relate to a race of people they brought to this country, used to build wealth, will it ever understanding the meaning of the ties that bind us. 

As long as America maintains a subservient attitude towards the African American, we will have no peace. However, as we continue to showcase and depict the wrong, injustice, ill- treatment of race of people that have survived all kinds of inhuman treatment in American history, without social and economic justice, unrest will continue in our nation. The African American race was brought here with nothing, was freed with nothing, and when they did have something, America destroyed it, burnt it to the ground, and left them with nothing again. Knowing the true history of nation is important. One would start to wonder what kind of human being does such inhuman things to another human being and think nothing of it or that it is okay. I think this is a question for America to answer. So, what’s all this clamor about inclusion, equity, equality, and justice? It sounds like another reactionary failure and detour to addressing structural racism, which has been in place for hundreds of years, going nowhere anytime too soon. Why, because the resistant to true change is so ingrained in our nation that it is difficult to move the needle. But, someone has to try and keep it in the forefront, if progress is going to be made. This is the significant impact of Dr. King’s legacy, work, and why it will continue to facilitate change for the future. 

We must never give up on the possibility, “That One Day” a significant breakthrough can create a tidal wave of insurmountable change for the massive of people. It is true that the majority of Americans are truly uneasy with injustice, but they are unwilling to pay the significant price to eradicating it. So, why ask me what needs to be done, when you already know what you must do to eliminate structural racism and injustice in America. Thank you “

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