Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Middletown's CHEER Program Links with HeatSmart

 The Middletown Clean Energy Task Force is behind the scenes bringing Middletown super programs to promote clean energy, energy efficiency and home improvements.

Our CHEER program - Comfortable, Healthy, Energy Efficient, Renewable - resolves health and safety issues in homes that can can prevent or restrict the implementation of energy efficiency and access to renewable energy. These issue can prevent equitable access to energy incentive programs for which we all pay through our electric bills. We put together funding, clear away the obstacles and get the work done.  

HeatSmart is an educational program about clean energy heating and cooling systems.

Everyone can benefit from CHEER and HeatSmart. Please check out our link with the HeatSmart program. There you'll find more information including an appeal to help with our current fundraising campaign. 

CHEER and HeatSmart

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