Friday, July 17, 2020

Children's Circus Week Three is amazing!

The first-ever Virtual Children's Circus of Middletown ("From the Big top to the Lap Top") is now registering for week three, which runs July 20 - 24. The program is free and available to all young people ages 5 - 15. 
Registration is on a week-by-week basis for this year's five-week program, and students can sign up for as much or as little as they want. Some classes are specifically for ages 11 to 15, and each morning there are two hours of programming aimed exclusively at kids ages 5 - 7.
Classes this week include Hip Hop Dance, Music, Juggling, Drawing, Capoiera, Mask-Making, Mime, Diabolo, Journalism, Ballet, Contortion, Puzzles and more. Go to for details and to register. All classes are free, but registration is required and some classes have an enrollment limit.
There will be a special event on Friday, July 24 at 2 pm about the "Birth of the Children's Circus". The Journalism class will interview circus founders Dic Wheeler, Elsa Menendez, JJ Crashbang and Dirck Westervelt about the first Children's Circus in 1988 at Powder Ridge Ski Area in Middlefield. Any early circus staff or participants are welcome to join the conversation, which will be open to the public. Contact for more info.
The Children's Circus is run by Oddfellows Playhouse in Middletown, with support provided by the Middletown Commission on the Arts and the Middlesex United Way. For more information, contact or go to

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