Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Opinion: Democrats Call on Town Republicans to Demand Giuliano Resignation

The following is an open Letter to the Middletown Republican Town Committee from the Executive Board of the Middletown Democrat Town Committee, submitted for publication in The Eye by Amy Albert.
In response to South Fire Commissioner Seb Giuliano's insensitive and inappropriate remarks regarding the Ghanian minister’s invitation to African-Americans to come to her country, we ask that you hold him responsible for his comments. When he wrote “who would want these malcontents?” He refers to people who have been moved to act by witnessing George Floyd’s murder. This has become a nation- and world-wide uprising against police brutality and racism in the United States. When he wrote, “Why would they want that in their country?” he misses the point - these are human beings who are suffering under racism here. They wouldn’t suffer the same in Ghana.  He then defends his comments as a “pretty much private conversation” which indicates he does not understand that social media is the most public of forums. 

As a publicly elected official, his racist comments are offensive to the people he was elected to represent. The Union has fielded complaints, the South Fire District has fielded complaints and he has been asked to apologize or resign which he has failed to do.

We call on the Republican Town Committee to demand he resign. Anything short of his resignation will communicate to Middletown that the Republican Town Committee agrees with his comments, condones them and are proud to have him represent their organization.


Anonymous said...

Now the people of Middletown truly knows the real side of Seb Giuliano. He is just like President Trump. Pretty soon he will say "when the looting starts, the shooting starts," just like his hero President Trump. Thank God he was not elected Mayor again.

Fred Culver said...

I don't known the full extent of Mr Giuliano's coments but he is right when he talks about malcontents anyone that destroys property during a demonstration should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is very said to see that the Democrats support anarchy and destuction of property from a Democrat