Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Council Approves Economic Recovery Plans

The effects of the COVID pandemic dominated discussion at the Common Council last night. It moved Federal money to a jobs program, and established a loan program for small businesses.

The Common Council approved the reallocation of funds from multiple local non-profits towards City of Middletown Job Creation/Job Retention projects. The resolution gives Mayor Florsheim the authority to submit the changes to the 2019 Annual Action Plan and gives access of $439,895.29.18 in CDBG entitlement funding to prevent, prepare for or respond to coronavirus impact on the community.

In response to a question from Councilperson Ed McKeon, the Director of Planning, Conservation, and Development Joe Samolis said that the money that was transferred were for projects that were either already completed, or not moving forward.

The Council also approved a plan to create a small business loans program. The program would have $250,000 available, with loans to be of $10,000 or less. There was considerable discussion about where the funding would come from, with no resolution. 

Mayor Florsheim outlined the budget that he has proposed, he highlighted his proposal to fully fund the Education budget and to avoid any increase in the costs of water and sewer. He and several councilmen praised the city staff who helped make this possible.  Florsheim said he was looking forward to hearing from residents and members of the council at the public hearing on the budget, which will be held on June 4th. 

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