Friday, January 24, 2020

Buttonwood Tree Friday Night: On the WWUH Radar

The Andrew
Wilcox Trio


The Buttonwood

605 Main St.

WWUH broadcast an hour of special jazz this morning--featuring the music of John Coltrain, and talking with Andrew Wilcox, whose group, The Andrew Wilcox Trio, will be performing live tonight at The Buttonwood Tree, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm. They treated us to a sample of the sounds of the Trio's tunes. 

The Andrew Wilcox Trio is a modern jazz group led by Hartford-based pianist Andrew Wilcox. Hailing from Worcester, MA, Andrew formed with Akron, OH, native, drummer Joshua Leslie and Worcester bassist Conway Campbell, Jr. during their time as students at the Hartt School of Music. Andrew is a senior there and will graduate this spring. Their selections include Andrew's own compositions as well as a variety of tunes from 70's and 80's jazz musicians. Andrew's originals are home grown, inspired by his time spent in nature and from his life experience.

Looking at the photo (above), you may think that Andrew, at right, looks a tad geeky. (We don't think he'd deny it.) But we assure you, in the humble opinion of our ears, the Trio's music sounds really good!  Come and listen for yourself--tonight, 8-10 pm, at The Buttonwood Tree. Hey, it's home grown.
  And there's plenty of free parking after 6 pm on the street and in back of ION MARKET.  

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