Friday, February 26, 2010

Eye on the Air, February 26

Live on the air at WESU, 881.FM, 1-2 PM.

Host: Ed McKeon

Guest: Larry Kirwin, author, playwright, poet, songwriter and lead singer and founder of Irish American rock group Black 47.  Kirwin is scheduled to read from his novel, Rockin the Bronx, Friday, 6PM at the Mark Twain House in Hartford.  Black 47 is scheduled to play the Half Door on Sisson Avenue in Hartford at 9PM Friday.  Check with venues on potential postponements due to snow.

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Christine O'Grady said...

I am sooo disappointed that I missed the interview. Was there a recording? My husband and myself are HUGE fans of Black 47...We have seen them at least 5 times and love their Irish-Rock fusion music. I did not know Larry(who is a really nice and funny guy) had a book. I am intent on buying it; thanks for the information. If anyone ever plans on seeing them make sure you know they are LOUD!!!

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

I'm out of town today, but I'll be posting the archive next week.