Wednesday, February 17, 2021

For Your Enjoyment: Great Music, Great Fun!

Chuck Berry 1957.jpg
Chuck Berry, 1957.

 Take Time Out for
American Hot Wax, Full Movie, no breaks!

A great, authentic
vintage film.
(Bonus: See young
 Fran Drescher & Jay Leno)


Alan Freed disk jockey.jpg
Alan Freed, 1950s DJ & Rock & Roll
enthusiast and promoter, par excellence.

   I don't know how I missed this one, but I really enjoyed its insight into the 1950s music scene in the NYC & the USA. Those years were compelling times, and the film provides insight into other aspects of Black Lives Matter, demonstrating & presaging times when people everywhere,
of every color & heritage, find ways to enjoy life together. (With a few exceptions, trying again to reshape their ways.)


Q:  Who Wrote the Book of Love?

Buddy Holly cropped.JPG
Buddy Holly. American Icon- American Idol of 1950s.



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