Sunday, April 29, 2018

Screen-Free Week starts tomorrow! Are you joining?

During Screen-Free Week, Russell Library, Middletown Public Schools, HealingNatureCT, and the Rockfall Foundation will be hosting a series of events, including storytimes and an art program at the library, a hike at the Guida Farm Conservation Area, and a special presentation for families on social emotional learning by Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.

Storytimes at the Russell Library are:
  • Monday 4/30 10:30-11:30 AM – Wonderful Ones
  • Tuesday 5/1 10:30-11:30AM – Twos are Terrific
  • Thursday 5/3 10:30-11:30AM – Baby Rhyme Time
  • Thursday 5/5 1:30-2:30PM – PreSchool Power
Plus, Friday 5/4 at 4:30-5:30PM there will also be an Art Party at the library, where children can use their imagination to create something beautiful (ages 5-9).

On Monday 4/30 at 6:30PM: Middletown School Readiness presents at Wilbert Snow Elementary School: “Choose Love at Home.” Parents are invited to listen to Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, to learn about their new social emotional learning program for families. Children are also welcome and Screen-Free activities will be provided for them. This event is open to Middletown preschool and elementary school staff, parents and children. Seating for adults and chaperones for children are limited so this is a first come, first serve event.

And on the final day of Screen-Free Week, May 6th, Beth Lapin of HealingNatureCT, in cooperation with the Middletown Department of Recreation and Community Services, will lead a hike at the Guida Farm Conservation Area from 10:00-11:30 AM.  This easy hike is great for families and children. Get outside and away from screens. Space is limited and pre-registration for this hike is required. Visit for more details and email Beth at to pre-register.

About Screen-Free Week:
From April 30-May 6, 2018, children, families, entire schools, and communities will rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen.* Plan to unplug from digital entertainment and spend all that free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends!
*except for work and school assignments

For more on Screen-Free Week, visit here.

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