Sunday, April 22, 2018

Get Smart with Money at Russell Library This Week!

This week, April 23 - 27 is "Money Smart Week" at Russell Library. We've got a great line up of programs designed to give you some insights into how to control your money:

Monday at 10:30am is 
Introduction to Grant Resources
Join this discussion and hands on session related to grant seeking. Participants will be introduced to several online resources that describe grants and funding options as well as providing information on the grant seeking process. There will be some formal instruction and then time to explore your own needs. These sources are most helpful for individuals who in the nonprofit world, with some options also for individual needs.  If you have an interest in pursuing grant funding please also consider attending the workshop on Friday, April 27th at 10am, 'How to Secure Grant Funding,' led by Judi Margolin. Registration is required for both events, available online or by calling 860-347-2520.

Tuesday at 6:00pm is: 
Become a Master of Your Money
Organize your finances! Using Excel to Manage your Investments, we will focus on creating and using a spreadsheet to list all of your investments, bank accounts, savings and stock information in a single location (in case of an injury or death in the family).  Financial security topics will also be discussed.
This hands-on class is taught using library- supplied laptops on Windows 7 and Excel version 2013. Seating is limited to 8 students.

Wednesay at 1:30pm is: 
Budgeting with Excel
In this introductory course, participants will learn how to create a monthly household budget using Microsoft Excel. Topics will include working from templates, formatting spreadsheets, and creating basic formulas. Bring a rough draft or working file to start simplifying and streamlining your budget in this hands-on workshop.
A general understanding of computers and comfort using the keyboard and mouse is recommended.
Class capacity is 8 seats. Registration recommended; drop-ins suggested if there’s room.
Please sign up on-line or call the Information Services Desk at 860-347-2520.

Thursday at 6:30pm is:
From Millennials to Boomers - Financial Advice Built for the Generations
Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or approaching retirement, you experience many of the same

financial pressures. For all of our differences, there’s much we can learn together about how to overcome the

challenges we face. Whether you’re just starting down the path of your life’s financial journey, or you’ve already

walked a mile or two, attend this seminar for some helpful strategies and financial habits to help get you headed.  Light refreshments included.

in the right direction.

What you will Learn:

• Common 'debt traps” and how to avoid them

• How much to invest and what investment vehicles make sense for you

• The importance of creating and sticking to a financial plan, regardless of your age

• How fees (obvious and not so obvious) reduce your returns

• If you and your family are protected with your current insurance coverage

Friday from 10am to 1pm is: 
How to Secure Funding from Foundations
Foundations are mysterious institutions to those unfamiliar with them. This workshop demystifies the process of securing foundation funding. It provides a thorough grounding in what foundations are all about, including how many there are, who runs them, trends in foundation giving and how to learn more about them.  The workshop focuses on what motivates foundations to give and helps participants determine why a funder might or might not support their organization. Built into this session will be an overview of the Foundation Directory Online, the premier source for finding funders, available at the Russell Library. Light refreshments included.
Registration is required, drop-ins are welcome if space permits.  
This program is made available through the generosity of the Friends of the Russell Library.

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