Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pro Life Political Action Committee Endorses Suzio, Roberts

Modified from a press release sent to The Eye by Christopher O'Brien, Connecticut Right to Life Political Action Committee.
Len Suzio and Earle Roberts, both Republicans, received the endorsement of a state group working to restrict reproductive freedom. Suzio is running to unseat incumbent Democrat State Senator Danté Bartolomeo, and Roberts is running to unseat incumbent Democrat State Senator Paul Doyle.

In a press release, the PAC writes that the following issues are most important to the pro-life cause in Connecticut:
  • Require parental notification of abortions for anyone under 18 years of age. 
  • Require inspections of clinics that are as frequent as similarly licensed surgical centers.
  • Support measures to prevent coerced abortions and reduce domestic violence.
  • Support pregnancy resource centers that are guided by their religious faith.
  • Oppose taxpayer funds to be used for abortions.
"These issues are ones that most Connecticut residents support. Even among our pro-choice neighbors and friends, we share common ground on these issues.” says O'Brien. CRLC PAC will continue to educate voters and legislators on how to protect the life of every human being from conception until natural death.

All legislative candidates were sent detailed surveys that covered topics that included the death penalty, adoption, abortion restrictions, as well as health and budgetary policy.

Endorsed candidates generally agree with CRLC PAC's current agenda listed above. In some cases, candidates' views may diverge. CRLC PAC endorsements when to those who are the most pro-life in their respective races.

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cybermom said...

Everyone is entitled to a view point but elected officials should not try to officiate theirs on others. Leave women's bodies alone! Please don't vote for Suzio and Roberts!