Friday, November 4, 2016

Len Suzio Claims Question Is A "Trap"

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Len Suzio snapped "I will not fall for that trap" at some of his constituents last week.

Suzio is the Republican candidate for State Senate District 13, which includes half of Middletown. His statement came at the longest-running candidate forum in our city, the Westfield Residents Association annual meeting, at which constituents from all over the city are able to meet and ask candidates questions. The gathering, held in the Fellowship Hall of the Third Congregational Church, is a rare occasion for residents hear from the men and women who want their vote.

As one of those constituents, and as a Westfield Residents Association member, I asked Suzio the same question I asked every one of our local candidates, "Do you support your party's candidate for president."

Each of the other 14 candidates running for office this year answered the question with an immediate "yes" or "no". See complete listing HERE.

But not Len Suzio.

Suzio squirreled and squealed that it was an unfair question. He said, "I'm not going to answer that question yes or no, I'm going to tell you that that's the question every Democrat in the state is asking every Republican."

Each candidate's answer provided insight into their values and judgement.  I learned something about Danté Bartolomeo when she said she supports Clinton, something about Linda Szynkowicz when she said she supports Trump, and something about Anthony Moran when he said he does not support Trump.

Suzio may have felt that the answer to the question would not help voters know the character of a candidate. Ironically, by refusing to answer it, he proved this to be wrong.  We not only learned something about his values and judgement, we learned something about his utter lack of courage.

By snapping at Westfield residents, and crying "foul" at a question that no other candidate was afraid to answer, he revealed his cowardice and contempt for constituents.

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