Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fine Food & Pandas too!

A Panda Place in Middletown
Try Asian Restaurant on Broad Street--
You'll Like It! 

From Kung Fu Panda 3 online advertisement.
Just one block from Russell Library and across the street from the new Apartment Complex to be on Broad Street, stands the "Asian Restaurant," marked with a large, colorful parrot. It's at the corner of College and Broad and very convenient.

Also, I think quite delicious, though I've yet to sample a range of the restaurant's dishes, having become quite addicted (sort of) to their piping hot take-out Hot and Sour Soup, which I've found to be an ideal bedtime snack.

The owners are a family, now of a family of four, with the newest child born in November 2015. I do not know them well, but baby is, of course, at home.  Mama, often at the cash register, is warm and likable, and seems to be able to keep Number One Son (the elder child) in line without making him unhappy--he's always got a mischievous smile! Papa heads up the kitchen crew.

But here's the thing: Now, probably for a limited time (and probably to coincide with the movie--still playing at Metro Theatres in Middletown--
Kung Fu PANDA 3! 


The one I got just last week reads: "Po says: Invite a Panda to dinner and you'll go home hungry!"  I'm not sure what that means, but I can guess!!

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Gary and Mary Keating said...

My wife and i discovered "Asian Restaurant" very soon after it opened. It has become our favorite place for a nice lunch or dinner. I especially like the chicken soup. Tasty, hot, and thick enough to eat with a fork. The owners are extremely pleasant and helpful. We have developed a nice friendship with them and with their two children. I would recommend "Asian Restaurant" to anyone who likes fresh, wholesome, home cooked, and healthy dinning out.