Thursday, March 10, 2016

Community Supported Agriculture Shares now available in Middletown

From Michelle Ford – Planning and Environmental Specialist
Forest City Farms and Mayor Daniel T. Drew are excited to announce that the Community Supported Agriculture shares are now available for purchase!  Forest City Farms was selected by a review committee in mid-2015 to begin farming on City-owned property in order to offer fresh produce to city residents.  Forest City Farms, a small, local organic farm located in Cromwell and now in Middletown, is focused on contributing to the local sustainable food community in which we live. The farmer and co-owner of Forest City Farm is city native Gabriel Russo.

The CSA program being offered is open to Middletown and non-Middletown residents which directly links local farmers and residents.  Forest City Farms believes that everyone should have access to local healthy food and is excited about the opportunity to partner with the City.  The farm is offering reduced cost shares for qualified low-income Middletown residents.

Shares are available in full, half and quarter-share size.  A full size share is usually sufficient for a family of four, half shares for a family of two and a quarter-share for an individual.  Each week’s share includes a varied assortment of produce which could include vegetables, herbs, and fruit – depending on what’s harvested that week. Pick up for the shares will be on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m at the farm on River Road, just south of Silver Mine Road.  The 2016 summer share will run for 18 weeks starting the week of June 7th and ending the week of October 4th. Multiple shares may be purchased to accommodate larger families or for sharing with family and friends.  For more information, visit or contact Garbriel at


Janice Thomas said...

So how does this work? Do the farmers do all the work and we buy the produce? Can we determine what we want for produce? How can we be sure what we buy that others don't take for their own.

Thanks...Sounds like a great idea...

Mr. Fixit said...

Additional CSA Info, Including Fees: This article was missing a critical bit of info - the costs to participate. Info can be found on the below link; fees are on Page 2.


Anonymous said...

A good concept, but a bit pricier than the one I already belong to. I pay $600 for a full share and it's 20 not 18 weeks. Less for more! But for those who haven't tried it, I'd suggest starting small. No you can't determine what you want, you get a bag (or box) of whatever is in season that week. You are at the mercy of mother nature so if a particular crop goes bad, there's no recourse, that's the risk you take. I've been doing a CSA for years and have never had a bad experience or thought I was not getting my money's worth.