Friday, February 27, 2015

This Weekend at The Buttonwood Tree

Welcome back! We're hosting a variety of scintillating events here at The Buttonwood Tree this weekend. To start off, we're hosting a celebration of the Chinese New Year tonight, lead by Wesleyan student Ming Zhu. It will feature a guqin performance by Ming, accompanied by other musicias, as well as several poetry readings by Jill J. Tan. Then, on Saturday night, we'll be visited by Dan Arcamone, with a rock-influenced jazz sound that is both unique and approachable. 

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Chinese New Year Celebration with Ming Zhu
February 27 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | $5
Recalling an Old Friend: a Lunar New Year Reverie

Traditional Chinese music presented by Ming Zhu, Joy Lu, Charlene Ni, Alec McLane, Tim Gaylord, and Lara Peng Poetry reading by Jill J. Tan

The guqin is an ancient Chinese plucked instrument with a history of around 5,000 years. It is deemed to be the father of the Chinese music and is closely related to ancient Chinese philosophies. In 2003, guqin music was proclaimed to be the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

As a senior studying Music and Economics at Wesleyan University, Ming Zhu has been studying and performing the guqin for more than ten years. He was awarded high honors by the China Nationalities Orchestra Society in the Guqin Tenth Level (the highest level) Performing Examinations and has performed with the most respected guqin artists in China including his guqin teacher Liang Yao and Yi Gong, a guqin master and a Professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 2011, Ming performed as the first student guqin soloist in the Shenzhen City Concert Hall for the 2011 Summer Universiade.

Showcasing a wide range of guqin repertoires, Ming will play pieces from compositions dating back to 771 BC to guqin music composed in the 20th century. In addition, several duet pieces arranged by Ming for the guqin and the Erhu, the guqin and the Pipa, the guqin and the western flute, the guqin and the percussion will also be performed.
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Dan Arcamone Jazz
February 28 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm | $10

Swinging, soulful, energetic, gifted, flawless, these are just some of the words that have been used by critics to describe Connecticut based guitarist Dan Arcamone.

This show features:

Mike Nunno – bass
Sean Nowell –  saxophone
Kenny Grohowski – drums
Dan Arcamone – guitar

As a composer and performer, Arcamone’s powerful yet elegant style has been winning over audiences and critics alike. A diverse player, Arcamone is equally at home creating beautiful, arcing melodies on a ballad as he is taking the reins on a burning, rock-fused solo, qualities that have caused him to make waves as both a leader and sideman. His debut album, Trioisms, immediately turned heads and brought critical attention to Arcamone the player and composer. All About Jazz described the album as “genre-defying” and “ground breaking,” two monikers that Arcamone wears well. Drawing from a diverse array of genres such as rock, pop, jazz and the avant-garde, Arcamone’s musical style is hard to pin down with a single term, needless to say it the result of years of focused study and focused performances. These experiences have culminated in a personalized approach to the guitar that challenges the listener to think outside of their common expectations, while inviting them to join Arcamone on his sonic explorations.
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