Friday, December 5, 2014

Salafia Calls For Fresh Input To Design Review Committee

Molly Salafia, vice-chair of Planning and Zoning, today called for a change in the meeting time of the Design Review and Preservation Board. Established by ordinance, the board reviews all exterior rehabilitation or new construction in business zones, including signage, and advises the Planning and Zoning Commission and Redevelopment Agency regarding their appropriateness.

During the past year, Salafia says, "The DRB has met quite infrequently, only at times when there is a sign application to review."

The Planning and Zoning Commission is considering large-scale changes to the City's zoning regulations on signs. The Design Review Board has given no input on the draft signage regulations to the Planning and Zoning Commission, nor has it provided any advisory input on the recent Riverfront Plan of Development or Complete Streets projects.

According to Salafia, the Board has been meeting at 6PM or earlier for 25 years, contradicting what she says is Mayor Drew's mandate that city boards and commissions meet at 7PM unless all members agree to meet earlier.

The city is seeking volunteers to fill two vacancies on the Design Review Board. Salafia says that these vacancies would be easier to fill if the meeting time were changed, "I feel perhaps a time change could help us recruit new members who will help recharge the momentum to move forward & a later time will be helpful to current members as well ... the later time and on a new night will be more attractive to people who commute to work to be able to serve & allow for better attendance by the public. I know a few people who might be interested who would only be able to fill a vacancy if the meetings were at 7pm like other committees."

Salafia suggests that a change is needed, "Perhaps a time change to 7 pm will encourage new membership and greater participation by current members & the public as well."


Bill Wilson said...

All City meetings should be at 7:00pm so the public can be involved with it's government. I hope that the Design Review Committee changes this to come into the 21 century and that more qualified individuals can be involved in government.

Anonymous said...

not everybody who works has a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday job