Thursday, April 11, 2013

Planning and Zoning Commission Endorses Complete Streets Plan

The Planning and Zoning Commission heard from John Hall about a vision to make the streets of our city friendly not just to cars, but also to pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation. Hall is the co-chair of the Complete Streets committee, which produced a report that will be presented to Common Council, likely at its June meeting.

The 56 page report includes extensive background, carefully documented, on the benefits of providing for alternative modes of transportation. These benefits include increased property values, safety, and health, and an improved sense of community. There are 3 pages specific to Middletown, as well as reports on committee visits to Northampton and South Windsor.

The most important contribution of the Complete Streets committee is a map entitled, "Complete Streets Master Plan Priorities." This map identifies streets in our city that should receive priorities for improvement.

In order for the Complete Streets goals to guide municipal decisions, the Commission would need to draft language to add to the Plan of Conservation and Development. This would require a public hearing.

For now, the Commission voted to endorse the report to The Council, as a non-binding, general statement of philosophy.


Carolyn (Lyn) Shaw said...

This news is a breath of fresh air!

I look forward to hearing and seeing more about the Complete Streets Plan. Middletown is an historic and thriving City that can model ecofriendly developments of transportation and urban renewal. Thoughtful changes can benefit not only residents but also the environment which has for too long suffered under humsn hands and feet.

As the founder of the Jonah Center for Earth,a man long acquainted with our City, John has become known for his careful research and passionate attention to the earth.

Bob Dutcher aka Grandude said...

Great work, John Hall. Thanks for all your efforts to make our lovely city more pedestrian and bike friendly.

John Hall said...

Anyone who wishes to review the Final Draft Master Plan and the accompanying maps can find these on the Planning Dept. website under "announcements" (scroll down the page sightly) at It will take public support to make this vision become a reality. I want to thank all the members of our great committee who attended many meetings over the past 15 months and made field trips to Northampton and S. Windsor. But our work has only begun.

joseph getter said...

Congratulations to the committee!