Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A $60,000 solution

The Middletown Press reports that the Public Safety Commission has settled on a $60,00o solution to a parking controversy on Long Hill Rd.

The commission voted to send its proposal to widen the road with "parking stalls." The proposal will be sent to the Public Works Commission for a public hearing and then onto the Common Council for a vote.


Anonymous said...

Give me 60,000 and I will come up with a much cheaper solution! This is ridiculous. I could run a shuttle bus or taxi from downtown, provide rental bikes or skates, carry little people on my back, beam people to destinations ala star trek,etc. Put the 60,000 in a savings account to gather dust but please, do not spend my tax dollars like this!

Anonymous said...

Not only would this project of cutouts in the lawns of the Long Hill Condos cost an estimated $60,000--AT&T, Comcast and CL&P would also have to spend around $50,000 to relocate their underground wires. It is so stupid to be spending all this money unnecessarily, in this economy, when an inexpensive sign could be put up at each entrance to the condo area of Long Hill Rd. saying "Pass at your own risk"--and put the road back to where it was, working fine, for the past 33 years!