Thursday, September 10, 2020

Voter Registration Information


Submitted by Frank LoGiudice 



During President John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration Speech on January 20, 1961 he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you — Ask what you can do for your country.”  A way you could help your country is to exercise your constitutional right to vote on November 3, 2020.  In order to vote you must be a registered voter.   


It is easy to become a registered voter and there are several ways to become one.  If you just turned 18 or moved into a new town you could become a new voter by going down to your Registrar of Voters office located in the Town Hall.  The last day to register to vote both in person and online is October 27, 2020.  


All towns in Connecticut will be holding in person voter registration at their respective town halls from 9 a.m. -8 p.m. on October 27th according to Middletown Democratic Registrar Elizabeth Santangelo.  She also stated, “All mail-in voter registration applications must be received or post-marked by this date in order to be accepted.”  If you register in person, please wear a mask and follow the social distancing guidelines by remaining six feet apart.  


Second, you could register to vote online at and follow the prompts. Voter Registration Cards can be printed from the Secretary of State website at Third, you could register at the Department of Motor Vehicles.   


If you turned 18, moved into a new town, became a U.S. Citizen after October 27, 2020 you have until November 2nd to register in person at your Town Hall during regular hours. 


In Connecticut, there is Election Day Voter Registration. According to the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website it states “Individuals may register and vote in person on Election Day if they meet the eligibility requirements for voting in this state and are (1) not already an elector or (2) registered in one municipality but want to change their registration because they currently reside in another municipality. By law, a person is eligible to register and vote if they are (1) a U. S. citizen, (2) age 18 or older, and (3) a bona fide resident of the municipality in which they apply for admission as an elector. (9-19j)” It further states that Registrars of voters must designate a location for completing and processing EDR applications. The location must be one where registrars can access the statewide CVRS.” According to the City of Middletown’s website under voter registration requirements it states “If you missed a deadline, you may register to vote and vote during Election Day Registration held at City Hall from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.”  “We petitioned the Secretary of State’s Office for two sites.  The City Hall Lobby and 161 Cross Street behind the fire department” according to Democratic Registrar Elizabeth Santangelo.   

For more information about Registering to Vote & Election Day Voter Registration please call Democratic & Republican Registrar of Voters Elizabeth Santangelo and David Bauer at 860-638-4950 or email them at &


Applications for Absentee Ballots are ready now for the November 3rdPresidential Election. You could either go down to the Town Clerks Office to complete the form or by going to  and sending it in by U.S. Mail or dropping it off in person. 

Please Register to Vote and Most Important Vote on November 3, 2020.   

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