Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lifestyle Medicine Presentation Saturday

Submitted by Joan Hedrick.
Lifestyle Medicine 2020
Saturday, February 15:  1-3pm
Hubbard Room, Russell Library in Middletown, CT

Learn from physicians, plant-based chefs, martial artists and other health professionals how to prevent and reverse chronic diseases by using lifestyle medicine practices.  These practices transform patients’ lives through food, movement, relaxation techniques, behavior modification, sleep and community building.  They are now recognized as the leading causes of health in hundreds of important international scientific studies that include millions of patients.

Our 12 monthly lectures include demonstrations and extended Q&A,  covering the full range of practices and introducing a new innovative leader each month.

Our February 15th speaker (#2) is Jeff Hush, founder of Food & Movement Therapy

The numbers of Americans who suffer from obesity, diabetes and heart disease has been skyrocketing for the past 40 years.  It’s time to find new solutions to these chronic conditions.
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Jeff Hush was trained as a cultural and medical historian (UC Berkeley Ph.D. studies:  1985-1991).  Dr. Mike Kalinowski and Rev. Robyn Anderson are the Co-leads of Middletown’s Health Enhancement Community Initiative, in alliance with the Ministerial Health Fellowship, the NAACP Health Committee of Middlesex County, and the Middletown Public Schools.

Sponsored by the Middletown Green Community Center, in association with CT Lifestyle Medicine
Organized by Jeff Hush and Dr. Mike Kalinowski

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This sounds like an excellent series!