Sunday, April 9, 2017

Russell Library celebrates National Library Week

Russell Library's Main Reading Room was originally part of
an Episcopal Church built in 1833. The church did not have
stained glass windows, they were added when Frances Russell
repurposed the building to become a library.

April 9-15,  2017 is National Library Week! Russell Library is offering a host of opportunities for the citizens of Middletown to learn about their library.

At 11:00am on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, guided tours of the unique building will be offered. Meeting in the lobby, we will explore what remains of the building in 1833 and the various changes that have made it what it is today.

At 2:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, "Library Lessons" will be given! This is a chance to learn about the spectrum of databases that Russell Library has available for card holders. Each lesson focuses on a select on-line resource. Other questions regarding our extensive collection will be answered.

Russell Library is a great place to be.

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