Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1-7 at The Buttonwood Tree

605 Main Street / PO Box 71, Middletown, CT 06457 / 860.347.4957

Story City Troupe
Friday, March 3 @ 8 pm $10

Story City is a troupe of storytellers based in the Hartford, CT area and trained by Matt Dicks, one of The Moth’s champion storytellers. Story City Troupe uses The Moth Formula: all are true, personal stories, often funny, sometimes amazing, poignant or ironic and based on a single theme for the evening. The troupe members range in age from their 20’s to their 70’s, proving you can come up with a good story at any age.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll identify!
This month’s theme:
This month’s cast:
Jill Wruble
Maire Greene
Wendy Marans
Mike Isko
Nina Lesiga
Catherine Conant
Saul Fussiner
OR Call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat
Modern Riffs
Saturday, March 4 @ 8 pm $10, $5 students & TBT member

Straight ahead jazz, in combination with 70’s and 80’s classic rock and funk. The group has 4 horns, a singer, and a powerhouse rhythm section.

The Modern Riffs is a high energy mentoring group where talented high school musicians perform alongside experienced musicians. They were formed in 2009 and frequently perform at concerts, dance clubs and civic events. Since its inception, the group has fielded over 30 young musicians, many of whom have made performing arts their career.

OR Call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat 

Past Life Regression with Dan LaRosa
Sunday, March 5 @ 2 pm $20
For over 30 years Dan LaRosa has gained respect throughout the world as a Motivational Stage Hypnotist. His shows and workshops have been presented throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and most recently on the aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ for military personnel returning from the Persian Gulf. His theatrical hypnosis performances are captivating, thought provoking and fun for all! In addition to demonstrating the funny and dramatic side of hypnosis, LaRosa has taught other people how to banish unwanted habits, dramatically improve sales and athletic performance, reduce stress, and increase personal power, through his motivating Live Your Dream workshops, and through personal hypnosis sessions. Dan is a master hypnotist and a certified Hypnosis Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists.

OR Call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat

Other Events this Week
Acoustic Open Mic with Bob Gotta
Thursday, March 2 @ 7 pm $5
Sign-ups at 6:30 - come play and be heard!

Aligned with Source - An Interactive Workshop and Meditation with Annaita Gandhy
Saturday, March 4 @ 10:30 am $5
Topic: Being Still, Being in Your Heart

Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival Event
Saturday, March 4 @ 2:00 pm Donations welcomed
Colin Haskins and Free Poets Collective

Cloud 9 and Friends Improv
Sunday, March 5 @ 7 pm $5
Short-form and long-form improv comedy for the pure joy of it!

Anything Goes Open Mic and Moments of Gratitude
Monday, March 6 @ 7 pm $5
Sign-ups start at 6:30, come share your talent and gratitude with us! 

Intentional and Empowering Yoga
Tuesday, March 7 @ 1 pm Donations welcomed
A fun and supportive Hatha Yoga class with instructor Theresa Govert
Laughter Yoga
Tuesday, March 7 @ 6 pm Donations welcomed
 Laugh your stress away with instructor Mylene Poitras 

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