Friday, November 14, 2014

Voter Turnout Was High In Middletown

64% of Middletown's 19,565 registered voters cast a ballot in last week's midterm elections, according to numbers from Denise Merrill, the Secretary of the State.

Our city's percentage turnout ranked 54th among the roughly 160 cities and towns that have reported their election results to the Secretary of the State's office.

However, we recorded the highest percentage among the 30 municipalities with the largest number of registered voters, barely edging Southington.

This was the first governor's election in which residents could register to vote on election day. Middletown had 407 election day registrations, second only to New Haven's 616.

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Catherine said...

I commend those who were in the town hall lobby signing people up. It was exciting. There were lots of people there.

Also, as a voter downtown, I noticed a lot of Wes students, which is a bit unexpected for a non-presidential year. This is all good news.