Thursday, November 13, 2014


November 14th, $10 at the Buttonwood Tree 8-10 pm
Rose Wolfe – Vocals
Ebin-Parker – Guitar
Bobo (Dave Lavorgna) – Upright Bass/ Harmonies
Ebin Rose Trio

Lauren Agnelli
Matthew Male
 Raven in the Woods

Inspired by the legacies of Nick Drake, John Martyn, Pentangle, Sandy Denny & Joni Mitchell, their new Trio configuration allows them to take their music into a more dynamic improvisational range. If you attended The Ebin-Rose Trio concert at The Buttonwood Tree last April you especially are in for a treat. This upcoming show will be the official release of their new limited edition live recording of that show, “Live From The Buttonwood Tree”. Recorded by Michael Arafeh of the Coffeehouse Recording Studio, Middletown CT.
“Rose’s voice and Ebin’s guitar work as a flowing musical mosaic…the sum being greater than the parts,” — Ken Bastura, MusicHound folk The Essential Album Guide / Frogbelly Folk News
Awash with soft accents, guitar flourishes, finger-picked fineries, and seductively sung vocals, this is a sonic treat for all. — Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen
Owing much in mood to the timeless qualities found in the music of Nick Drake, acoustic John Martyn, and Pentangle — Joe TJ McGrath, Dirty Linen
Parker’s technique on the fretboard and Bengtson’s vocals evoke the best of what has been termed “folk Music” — (Scott Appel, Recording Artist)


Why Ravens in the Woods? With a keynote of magic, shapeshifting
and creation, trickster and wise fool make the Raven a perfect totem for
the combined musical forces of contemporary folkie and rocker Lauren
Agnelli (vocals, bass, 12 string guitar, ukulele, autoharp) and Dutch
alternative rocker and songwriter Rempe Ferreira Kooij (vocals, lead guitar,
keyboards, bass). They are a male and female-fronted team, joined by
percussionist Matthew Male and a drummer.
Their musical focus is harmony-rich, melodic music, mostly self-written.
Dave Rave is a frequent collaborator. The Ravens (for short) also “cover”
songs by The Kinks, the Velvet Underground, and the Beatles. . . and
sound like a cross between the Velvets and Broken Bells. The shows have
an energetic, beat-driven, emotionally compelling sound. True to form, “A
Ravens show is fun, intense, and entertaining.”
Ravens in the Woods grew as a rockin’ offshoot of Small Town Concert
Series and Amalgamated Muck. The concert series — featuring “the Muck”
— played in NYC and in southeastern Connecticut venues such as the
Chester Meeting House, the Kate, the Bean and Leaf, and the Hygienic.
Come and hear the Ravens’ raucous rock!  &
* Vibrant Living Director, Evergreen Woods *

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