Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Civic Opportunities for Middletown Youth

The City of Middletown is recruiting for two innovative programs aimed at getting local teens engaged in local government. The Mayoral Youth Cabinet is entering its second year and offers students a chance to sit down with Mayor Daniel Drew and Deputy Mayor Robert Santangelo on a monthly basis to discuss varying issues related to youth and community. The group is also charged with developing several community-based projects of their choosing and work in sub-committees to ensure that they are developed successfully.

Our Youth in Government program appoints teens to various commissions and boards throughout our municipal government. These students then attend the meetings as a voice of local youth, helping to shape the work of many City of Middletown departments.

Both programs were born out of Middletown's Developmental Assets initiative and help ensure that young people feel valued by our community and that their service is both necessary and important to build a stronger and healthier Middletown.

Applications can be found on the Middletown Youth Services Bureau website linked HERE.

Any questions can be directed to Youth Services Bureau staff at 860-854-6030 or feel free to email

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