Monday, September 1, 2014



The Middletown-based Cat Tales Non Profit Rescue are desperately trying to find homes for 3 cats who will be homeless as of Monday 9/1. Their former owner, a local priest, had to give them up to a foster home a year ago, because his parish no longer allowed animals.  Now, the woman who was permanently fostering them is moving and cannot take them with her. They will be homeless again as of Labor Day!! Cat Tales is seeking permanent adoption for these cats ASAP.  

These 3 cats are very sweet, in great health and up-to-date on their vet visits & shots. They need a quiet home with someone who will give them as much time as they need to adjust. 

Shalom, Shimon and Rifka need a forever home ASAP. We really would love to keep them together, but know it may not be possible. The two 2-year-old cats, who are siblings, Shalom and Shimon, need to stay together. Rifka, the female 8-year-old, can be taken alone, although Cat Tales is hoping the trio will be adopted together. 

For information, call Cat Tales (860) 344-9043, email

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