Thursday, September 25, 2014

Middlesex Community College Announces Record Breaking Enrollments

Middlesex Community College announced today that full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment is up 5.3 percent over last year. The College’s current FTE enrollment is 1,801, making this the largest FTE enrollment in the College’s 48-year history. FTE is a method used to account for enrolled students that makes them comparable, although some students may be taking a different number of courses.  This semester, there are a total of 3,005 individual students enrolled full and part-time in Middletown, Meriden, and online.

College administrators believe there are many factors contributing to this record-breaking enrollment. Since last fall, students taking courses at the Meriden Center have increased by 6.5 percent and there has been a 13.4 percent increase of students enrolled in online courses. The College has also seen a 6.7 percent increase of full-time students since last fall.

“We are very excited that enrollment has increased this year at Middlesex Community College,” said Dr. Anna Wasescha, president of MxCC. “We have several new certificates and degrees in the fields of health care, engineering, and new media to meet the workforce demands for these industries.  We are also updating and expanding our campus to accommodate our growing student body with the newly completed Center for New Media and the addition of a gathering space for students in Founders Hall. Lastly, we are emphasizing attending college full time so students can stay on course to complete their degrees.”

Middlesex Community College is one of the few colleges in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system to see an increase in full-time equivalent enrollment.

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