Saturday, August 10, 2013

Picture Perfect

Doesn't Get Any Better than it did tonight at The Buttonwood Tree.  With events every weekend, it's hard to get them all this successful, but many weigh in at "just perfect". It's like hitting a home run with the bases loaded - except everybody wins. Tonight was a "Win-win" with the Taubl Family (pronounced Taw bull) and the singers, SOUND Affect - part of the larger group that is SOUND Proof Vocal Ensemble - a group that teaches music to the children in Haiti.

Fill a space with kind-hearted, happy singers and musicians and their families and friends and you've got a great vibe going on. The two rooms were filled with happy people ranging in age from 5 to about 85. Friends meeting up, lots of hugging and singing, laughter and dancing, even reading. A local guy still on the computer, they wandered in and out, while stories of Haiti informed the audience of the group's home-building adventures and how it went teaching music to children. They sang us songs of hope and love, even did an Adele cover. 17 strong, their voices rocked us, inspired us and lifted us. Everyone getting something special and different from the music.

Carol Taubl, director and mother to the 4 "Asbury Boys", played piano and was the guiding light to All of it.  She wrote a song comprised of a medley of covers with "Mother" in it, which was sung a Capella by her four sons. Their voices were lovely together, blending as only brothers do.  It wound up the crowd, folks clapping to the lively, fun familiar tunes, hearts glowing.

The whole evening seemed to flow seamlessly, especially considering the number of people flowing in and out of the door. It was successful on all fronts, even the restaurants in town won - as most of the folks went out for food and drinks, before and after. One woman from Maine said she had a friend who kept telling her to come to The Buttonwood Tree for years, and she was so pleased that she finally did and had a great time! Lots of good people together, happy. Doesn't get better. Very good, very good, yay! 

Saturday night the mood may be more subtle when a duo takes the stage offering classical music, but it still holds potential to be all as good. Kristin Barone, piano and Daniel Keene, guitar. Show is 8-10pm and at $10, it's a bargain.  event info

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