Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Questions about Harbor Park

This email, written by LK Godburn, and published with his permission, raises question about the lease deal between the City of Middletown and the current and future leaseholder of Harbor Park.

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 19:24:22 -0400
Subject: Somethings fishy on the Ct. River



There has been no official comment from the public on this Harbor Park fiasco because frankly no one believed a governing City body in it's right mind would have re-leased the property, so people were caught unaware. That is now changed. If you would like to hear public outcry get ready. We want to know how and why Harbor Park has been allowed to operate with the violations of it's last lease for so long without the City taking action. We want to know what, if any, benefit the tax payers of Middletown are receiving for their hard earned tax dollars going to foster this bar. We would like to know why after all this time in business and the millions of dollars earned by this property Middletown needs to financially help it along. If we are forced to live with this new lease we would like to know what the City intends to do so we don't have to deal with another 25 years of the best location in town being misused and prostituted. We want to know why in a town that is known for it's restaurants the City is financially, unfairly, helping only one. We want to know what the taxpayers liability is going to be when someone finally sues for a drunk driving accident, and we want to know what right the City has to force the guilt of such a tragedy on us. We want to know when a City feels it is appropriate to own and be partnered in a bar. We want to know how appropriate it is to have a former Mayor's husband be the negotiator for this lease. We want to know why budgets are being cut for schools and arts but we have money for a bar. We demand to know the terms of this lease and if it includes the private boat dock for the Marratta yacht and why Frank Marratta has the right to charge other boats docking fees. We want to know what part of this expenditure benefits the taxpaying family. We want to know why it is felt that a low class bar is the best use of our priceless waterfront property. We want to know why other restaurants or developers were not given the opportunity to present other plans for use. And last but not least we want to know why this whole thing seems so shady?

Please tell all you know to call, write, E-mail City Hall to let them know we are not just blindly approving this. Start and or sign petitions stating that you are not in agreement with this arrangement. Let's all meet at the meeting City Council should have to discuss this public expenditure and talk about the best use of this property. I don't know about you but my taxes are too high and my money to hard to make to see it being spent like this.

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David Bauer said...

1941 Hrs - 6/25/08


What is the policy of MiddletownEye Blog, and Caterwauled Blog for that matter, when a local newspaper is interested in following up on a story first published in a Blog?

Sloan Brewster contacted me for a quote on a story about Marratta's Harbor Park. I said I was disappointed if we have another 25 years of the same. I cannot comment about the anecdotes that we have all heard concerning all kinds of documentation on many types of violations at Harbor Park. If they exist, what good did they do us?

There are two points that are important to me:

1. The River is the focal point of Middletown's past, and it's future. What does our present look like if we must deal with "business as usual" from Frank Marratta? Middletown’s Grand List growth has lagged significantly behind all it’s neighbors for many years now. Our taxes will go crazy if we don't improve our Grand List - we need a viable CT Riverfront to keep taxes reasonable.

2. How many Middletown homeowners would like their property tax capped at the same rate that the Harbor Park lease increases?

Good Luck to MiddletownEye and all the Blogs - I am reading you every day.

David Bauer
Certified Middletown Gadfly