Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Water Department Urges Conservation

In case you didn't see the Pipeline newsletter recently published by the Water and Sewer Department and haven't visited their website lately:

Please Conserve Water

In Middletown,  in the in the beginning of October, the reservoirs dipped to 56% capacity prompting the water department to issue a water conservation advisory.

Due to the unusually dry weather that we have encountered this summer, the City of Middletown is asking customers to please conserve water. This is not a mandate but a request. We are asking that everyone limit nonessential water use. This will help us ensure that everyone has all the water they need.

 Suggested measures:

Run washing machines and dishwashers only with full loads

Take shorter showers

Shut the tap off while washing hands, shaving and brushing teeth.

Fix leaky faucets and pipes

 If the capacity of the reservoirs reach a low 50%, the water department may move to mandatory restrictions that will need to be enforced. The scorching summer heat brought record low rainfall and much of the northern and eastern parts of Connecticut are in severe drought, prompting us to ask you to limit water use. At Bradley International Airport, precipitation from June 1 to August 31 totaled 4.42 inches, the lowest level recorded in more than a century of data collection, according to state whether expert Gary Lessor. Hartford had 39 days of summer with a high of at least 90 degrees, the most ever.

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