Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Buttonwood Tree Offers Personal Development Workshop on Saturdays and So Much More



Align With Source workshops to help you understand the bigger picture ...
Understand your Self and learn how to cope better ...
Have greater inner peace and more.

Tune in online, Saturdays 10:30 - noon ending with a guided meditation.
Email: for link and more info

This week's topic:

'Re-Membering Your Light Within'

Your Light is your ALL. Take this time to recall it, re-member, & reflect it in every sense, so you may use it in attaining your true potential. We must each one do our bit in aiding our world into a Higher Consciousness, but we must do this first for Self. You are one of our world's great Souls who chose to assist Earth & Humanity in the ascension to the 5th Dimension. This brings great growth, wisdom & rewards. You are to be commended for being here. Begin creating now!


Our weekly spiritual meetings offer a special place where you will find many answers that help unlock hidden truths & your direction. These meetings are open to all, by invitation, so do feel free to invite your friends, if you wish. Email me with their Email ID or Cell Number to request an invitation. 


“As our world moves into a higher frequency, the 5th Dimension, our series of ongoing workshops offer guidance in understanding events and making the required shifts within ourselves. These are wonderful times and opportunities to create a beautiful new world on a higher level, one of love, truth and integrity, serving ALL.”


About Annaita

Annaita Gandhy is an intuitive Spiritual Guide & Healer, who shares her experience and wisdom to bring awareness of the Light within each. Committed to the Light, she is here to lift humanity to a higher level of consciousness and serves through her many spiritual workshops, meditations, teaching and personal healing sessions, drawing on her extensive training and experience during her life in India. She lives in Middletown, CT and is accessible to all those who desire to heal and claim their Divinity.

Safely participate, listen, grow and learn ... online over the Zoom platform:

Mondays: Anything Goes Open Mic  (6:30-9:30pm)

Tuesdays: Laughter Yoga  (6-7pm)

Thursdays: Bob Gotta's Acoustic Open Mic   (6:30-9pm)

Thursdays: Tree Roots Drum Circle AT Harbor Park  (4:30-6:30pm)

Reiki classes by arrangement

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Anonymous said...

Annaita's sessions are reassuring in this time of uncertainty. She puts our current time of change and confusion into the context of universal growth of civilizations and our earthly humanity.
In that context our current upheavals are a lead-up to better times to come. With huge changes and developing consensus and sustainability regarding environmental, social justice, and civic responsibility to come, our world will become a better place, more just, more peaceful, and more livable.