Friday, August 7, 2020


 Your vote is important.
As a follow-up to the information received by Frank that I just posted, I called the town clerk's office because I have not yet received my ballot. The person I spoke to at the town clerk's office stated that 1,700 people still have not received their ballots, and the town clerk's office is working very hard to get all remaining ballots to the post office today.
As I understand it, the problem stems from an issue with the private company that was handling the ballots, and that company is no longer contracted by the state.
As long as you receive your ballot by Tuesday, you can fill it out and drop it off at one of the drop boxes, which is my plan as it certainly doesn't make sense to mail it back because it likely would not be received back on time.
What about those people who may not be able to drop off their ballots?
What about those who may never receive the ballot before Tuesday or at all?
What then?
Go to the poll if you are able to, and demand better for our November election.
Let's learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them.
Every vote is important.

Update: our state's absentee ballot woes made national news. Here ia a CNN article explaining more about it:

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