Monday, December 4, 2017

"Gus" Gecewicz Honored By Common Council

 Gus Gecewicz, was honored by the Common Council for his work with youth sports. He coached a variety of boys and girls teams for 50 years in the Catholic Youth Organization. He not only did the coaching, but also provided the organization to support the teams. 

Councilman Sebastian Giuliano highlighted his fundraising efforts, reading from the resolution. 
As everyone in Catholic youth sports knows, if there’s no money, there’s no team. Gus has worked to ensure that the kids had uniforms, equipment, and even basketball hoops. He has been involved with everything from asking priests and local businesses to donate to help organizing fishing tournaments to raise money. He even participated in running liquor raffles until he was informed by the police that he ought to go in another direction because that was illegal. To his credit, he was told that after he convinced the police station to buy two books worth of tickets. 
Coach Gecewicz was modest in his remarks, crediting his own coach for inspiration and teaching him how to coach.

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