Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Best Restaurants Are Here

According to the experts at Connecticut Magazine, our city has the best of almost every thing. The magazine's "Experts" put the following Middletown eateries on their list of the state's best restaurants.


Tree Fanatic said...

Agree with all of those, but can't understand how they missed Cafe 56 -- one of the most consistently creative restaurants in all of CT. I just had a Cobb salad with pan-roasted Faroe Island salmon for my lunch there. And how about Typhoon, too -- another restaurant that hits it out of the ballpark every time! Plus they needed a category for best maple-walnut Danish, which Perk on Main would surely have won (with Fair-Traded coffee, too!)

Anonymous said...

Agree with TF about Cafe 56. Have only had breakfast there so far. We went with visiting friends who are seasoned domestic and world travelers. We all agreed Cafe 56 is amazing. It's got my vote for Best Breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Cafe 56 is head and shoulders above O'Rourkes on every possible level.