Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering my friend Laura Cartwright

This week Middletown lost a stellar resident and many of us a true friend in the abrupt passing of Laura Cartwright.
Laura was a humanitarian to say the very least. She was a mother of two, a psychic medium, a certified deaf interpreter, a teacher who taught atMiddlesex Community College, an EMS first responder, a professional figure skater, co-founder of PACC, the Paranormal Association of Central Connecticut, and a true lover of life and spirit.
I met Laura in 2010 at the Guided Lantern Tour that was held at Indian Hill Cemetery as a fundraiser for Godfrey Library and the cemetery association. I went to do an article for the Middletown Eye, but as a result became fascinated with her, her group, and the sense of community amongst the paranormal investigator lifestyle.

Last year, Laura and her daughter won awards at New England Paranormal Awards for their community out reach. Laura led multiple charitable investigations at historic places, such as the Deep River Library, to benefit the foundations caring for these properties as well as develop investigations for those in the deaf community so that for the first time, they could participate.
Laura inspired many to reach out to people unlike them and incorporate them in their worlds as equals.

Laura would have been too polite to say it, so I will. Laura and her family were victims of retaliation, mistreatment, and harassment caused by the last administration of the Middletown Public School system, particularly special education. She was grateful for the changes on the horizon, but I think if she were still here she would agree that much more is needed.
I witnessed that her and her family were treated horribly by DCF of CT and our own local Middletown authorities at the Board of Education whom both caused her unjust heartache. Laura had begun to rally along side other local parents to fight for the proper treatment of their children.

For the record, however, Laura should not be remembered as a victim, because she wasn't. Laura should be remembered as fighter and a champion in regards to all aspects of her life.

When I met Laura and her group, I was a non-believer in life after death.  Laura's belief was that every one is sensitive, and she taught me to be patient and listen, because our deceased loved ones are all around us.
For me, this has made coping with the recent deaths of close relatives easier, because now I know and have been able to experience that they are still with me. This is a lesson I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Friends of Laura will miss her forever, and our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

For information on a radio show memorial for Laura, see the Patch article here.



Anonymous said...

WOW MOLLY ! THANKYOU for going there! I didn't have the strength- thank you for saying what people aren't saying.

Laura was hurting the last few months- and came across to some as emotional but I challenge anyone to fight what she was fighting and do so with a calm level head. Molly- you often champion others for being brave- you my dear are extraordinarily brave here. Thank you.
The last conversation that I had with Laura- she was far from a victim. She may have been battling health issues but she was clear about what was right and what was wrong.
She loved her children dearly and spoke so in every conversation.
We all need to look at her life- and the last months of it- and think about how we talk to people- how we treat them- and whether we have time to be there for them in some of their darkest moments.

Her last Facebook post says it all- basically- you don't know someone until you try to walk with them- stand with them-

I never had an experience with her regarding her paranormal beliefs- I guess I'm where you were before you reported- I don't get it.

But I got the battles she faced with her daughter- and my deepest prayer is that her daughter will know how deeply loved she was by Laura- and that te new administration will really make changes in how parents and students in this town are treated. Please let me add- and our teachers and paras as well.

Rick Z. said...

A few weeks ago I met Laura during a search for Jini Barnum who had been missing since the end of July. Laura jumped right into the search efforts, organized a group and went out herself, even while her health was so poor. She really wanted to bring closure to this missing girls family and friends. Literally the day after Laura passed Jini's remains were found by a woman walking her dog through the woods. To some this may be a coincidence, but after seeing how big a heart Laura had for helping others I believe that she guided that woman and her dog the Jini and is continuing to help us from the other side.

Anonymous said...

This is very heartfelt Molly, thank you for writing this for Laura. I knew her struggles and I hope we learn as a community lessons from her plight.