Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Local Paranormal Society Members Awarded Regional Honors

Paramormal Assocaition of Central Connecticut of Middletown  traveled to Tynsborough Mass this past weekend for the New England Paranormal Awards.
 Director of PACC local Laura Cartwright  was nominateed for the Humanitarian award as well as the Mediumship Award in honor of deceased medium Suzi Boucher sister of famed paranormal star Ce Ce Carole (Ce Ce the Huntress).
The New England Paranormal Awards was hosted by Ce Ce the Huntress. Paranormal teams and investigators from all  over New England went to the awards.
Katelyn Cartwright, 12, of Middletown
 won  New England Paranormal Jr. Investigator

Deaf investigator of PACC Alycia Bonvoliour also of Middletown was nominateed for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Alycia brought home  the New England paranormal Award for EVP. A great honor & huge accomplishment for a deaf investigator.
Laura Cartwright, Director of PACC
Mediumship Award
Katelyn Cartwright of Middletown was  nominateed for the  Investigator  of the Year. She won the New England Paranormal Jr. Investigator award.. Katelyn is 12 and goes to many investigations with PACC and enjoys every minute. She also involves  herself in the  entire analzing process  to find any evidence of paranormal activity.
Laura cartwright won the New England Paranormal award for  Mediumship and also Laura interpreted the entire  event to make it accessible to the deaf community..
PACC is extremly happy with the event and the awards they have brougth home. Home base is here in Middletown, but  they are known across the country for the work they do not only here in CT,but for families and with teams across the USA..
Middletown now has  Para-celebrities! You can find Laura and PACC members on friday April 20th at the Deep River Library  for a night of Gallery Readings to benifit the Library. The group has done a number of charitable investigations as fundraisers and is always looking for new places to investigate and  worthy causes to help out. Tickets are avaiable on PACC web site

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